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Nurses perform a vital part in the health service. Nurses offer primary clinical services as well as serve as instructors, scholars, and regulators. Case analyses are an essential aspect of nursing curriculum. They show learners actual instances of how to put the class knowledge into effect.

Nursing case examples could be available in texts, periodicals, or websites. Most nursing institutions maintain their unique case study collections. The National League for Nursing (NLN) too has a collection of research papers.

Nursing case research findings may center on a single person seeking treatment or group of them. They could be utilized to train new nurses regarding a certain ailment or condition. Case analyses may as well be utilized to train nurses on the best way to cope in tough conditions.

Patient records, hospital information, as well as additional information are frequently included in nursing case analyses. All these case study information should be reviewed and understood by nurses. Nurses should too be capable of generating effective reports using data from the case study.

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